Stories Archive - Stan Rogers Folk Festival - Canso, Nova Scotia, Canada
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Friendship at 2nd Base

Have met up with all these wonderful people on 2nd base every year for the last 10-12 years. It’s those friendships that are made that is a added bonus to all the good music we get to hear. Love our stanfest family

My Annual Staniversary

Every July we celebrate our ‘Stanniversary’. I’ve been going to Stanfest with a loyal group of Stan ‘lifers’ from PEI since 1999 – in 2004, we happened to camp beside a group of guys from Antigonish in the Acoustic Campground. Oddly enough in 2005, there they were, camped beside us…

I Met the Love of My Life

It was Stanfest 1999, a rainy night and the sky opened up and it poured so me and my friends took cover in one of the sound tents on to of the Hill by the Playground Area to wait out the rain, as did a group of Boys from New…

Dan MacDonald, Long Time Volunteer

For me the memories of StanFest goes back to year one, listening to John Allan Cameron, Grit Laskin, Paul Mills and others telling “Stan” stories. For all but that first year I have been a stage volunteer, working with the numerous acts and helping to make thing happen. What memories!…

What Stanfest Means to Mary Baker

Stanfest means great music. Great friends all having a wonderful weekend full of fun and excitement. Last years show was amazing!! We had the privilege of meeting people from many different places. Alan Doyle and the beautiful gypseys were my favourite part of the weekend. There were so many wonderful…

What Stanfest Means to Carol

Having spent a portion of my childhood summers in Canso, I come back yearly now as an adult with my children for best family get-a-way of the year! We love the stunning seaside landscape awash in days of nearly non-stop music! We always meet new people and see familiar faces….