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Volunteers are at the heart of our festival. More than 600 volunteers contribute thousands of hours each year to making the event such a great success.

We recruit volunteers on an ongoing basis year round.  If you would like to become part of our volunteer team, we’d love to hear from you.  There are more than 30 crews for you to choose from.  We have volunteers sign up each year from as far away as Alaska and Australia.

As a volunteer you get to see the festival from the inside.  We try hard to ensure that festival volunteers only work 1/3 or the event and have the other 2/3rds of their time enjoying the music and festivities. Our volunteers range in age from 12 to 80+. You have skills and we need them to keep growing.

If you are interested in being a volunteer at our festival, please complete a volunteer application and return it to our office.  Our volunteer co-ordinator will be in touch with you.

Time Commitment

During the Festival weekend (Friday through Sunday) the standard time commitment is 12+/- hours done through 2-3 shifts. Festival crews are led by Crewheads who direct volunteer activities in their specific area. Whether you are a returning or new volunteer you must attend at least one crew meeting to participate in the festival.

Placement Policy

You’ll be placed on a crew where most needed. Your preferences will be considered but your skill level matched with the greatest need will determine placement.

Volunteer Benefits

  • Free Admission to the Festival (Retail cost is $ 138.00 in advance and more at the gate.)
  • All volunteers will be provided with a souvenir volunteer festival T-shirt.
  • You are invited to late night parties with live music each night of the festival.
  • Refreshments are provided on-site at the Volunteer Refreshment Tent
  • Volunteers registered prior to the printing of our program are listed in the festival program.
  • A great teamwork and community development experience. Memories to last a lifetime!

Festival Expectations

  • Must commit to working 1/3 of the Festival hours.
  • If you are unable to make shift you must notify your Crewhead and make suitable replacement arrangements.
  • Loyalty, enthusiasm and belief in the work the festival is doing Clear and open communication
  • Respect for confidential records and organizational privacy
  • Compliance with workplace health and safety, kindness and courtesy to other volunteers, staff, artists and audience
  • A positive approach to solving problems and issues.

our relationship with volunteers

  • To be valued and treated as co-workers and partners
  • A suitable assignment with consideration of your skills, experience
  • Clear instruction of your role and what is expected
  • A work place that is conducive to efficient work and meeting health and safety requirements
  • To be properly informed about the festival
  • To have suggestions and contributions heard and acknowledged

Photo Credit: Joey Yazer

Photo Credit: Joey Yazer

pdf Download the Volunteer Registration Form

Download and complete the Volunteer Registration Form, mail/fax or email it to:

Fax: (902) 366-2978
Stan Rogers Folk Festival
P.O. Box 46, Queen Street Extension
Canso, Nova Scotia B0H 1H0

Volunteer Area Descriptions

We are recruiting for crews shaded red. Please pick a couple choices.


Diplomatic volunteers who will handle all Performers needs. This includes everything from aspirin to wake-up calls. Volunteers will be responsible for cooking and clean up to keep performers fed and will person the Blue Room.


If you’re outgoing, like talking to people and are good with cash, this crew is definitely for you. We are seeking honest, reliable and friendly folks that work the crowd to sell our 50/50 tickets.

Performer Party and Laundry

Responsible for making sleeping arrangements for the artists. Preparation of breakfast, after hour refreshments and taking care of whatever sundry needs that might arise. Clean up and folding of laundry before and after festival weekend.


Knowledgeable outgoing individuals to promote the festival during and after by arranging interviews with Radio, T.V. and written contacts.

Box Office

Friendly, responsible people to greet the Festival audience and sell admission wristbands

First Aid

Professional persons such as Doctors, Nurses and EMT’s responsible for mostly minor ailments such as sunstroke, scrapes, bruises, headaches etc. Must be prepared for other serious issues if they happen to arise. Ambulance services are on-site.

Acoustic Campground

Help direct campers to sites and oversee campsite for duration of the weekend.  Help with the tear down at the end of the festival. Responsibilities include pre-registration check-in, enforcing campground rules and maintaining control of the camp area with the assistance of local RCMP if necessary.


Maintains of the beauty of the festival grounds. Volunteers should be active and able-bodied people who are willing o keep the site spotless during and after festival hours. They are responsible for the maintenance of on-site trash and recyclable containers. At the end of the evening, this crew gives the site a clean sweep including and especially Sunday evening.

CD Sales

Honest, reliable friendly volunteers who are responsible for setting up their displays, tallying sales and dismantling. Food Court – honest, reliable friendly people to oversee the operations of the food court concessions. Also responsible for maintaining the general appearance of the concession grounds.


Consists of bankers, accountants and professional people usually experienced in the field of finance. Honest, hard-working people to keep accurate records of all monies taken in over the festival weekend.


Must be comfortable in dealing with the public pleasantly and efficiently. Responsible for checking wristbands of every person entering the site. This crew must also check bags and coolers for liquor and illegal substances which are prohibited on-site

Handmade Village

This one man crew is responsible for greeting and assisting villagers in their set up and making rounds throughout the weekend to ensure the Village is running smoothly.

Info and Exchange

Friendly and informative people who assist visitors with on-site information, points of interest and general information regarding the festival. Festivalgoers can exchange their tickets for bracelets at this booth. The message board is here as well as lost and found.


Honest and reliable people to care for and control the stage equipment, performers instruments and sometimes personal effects housed in a secure but accessible facility.

Performer Relations

Responsible for check-in, transportation and lock-up services for performers

Audience Relations

Monitoring and tending to audience safety and comfort. Ensure seating areas are roped off prior to all performances, regulate the flow of people and staying within the restricted area during live shows. Chairs/standing regulations are maintained by this crew.

Volunteer Refreshment

Young energetic friendly individuals to carry refreshments to on duty volunteers that are unable to leave their post.


Led by a professional stage manager, this crew is composed of personal, energetic knowledgeable people to ensure the smooth operation of all festival stages.


Led by a professional site manager, this crew is composed of some professional specialists such as electricians and carpenters. This crew will work before, during and after the festival building and tearing down the entire site. During the weekend they double as emergency repair and maintenance crew.


Organized crewmembers to operate the front gate of the site directing those vehicles that are permitted to park on-site and those vehicles that are delivering items and supplies. This crew will be responsible for the overall traffic control of the Town parking areas and should be well informed of campground locations and general layout of the Town and area.

Merchandise Sales

Helping to sell festival T-shirts and other merchandise. Volunteers should be honest, reliable and friendly.


This crew makes the FIRST IMPRESSION on the performers. Volunteers must be articulate and friendly to greet and orient performers and music industry people. Willing drivers to transport performers and equipment to and from the airport. Volunteers with a good driving record to run on going shuttle service between the performers lodging and festival site.

Beer Garden

Friendly, energetic people to sell cold beverages.  You must be 19 years of age to volunteer for this crew.

World of Beer

Selling cold beverages.  You must be 19 years of age to volunteer for this crew

Performer Hospitality

Responsible for check-in, transportation and lock-up services for performers

Hot Shots Crew

They will roam the site and around Town capturing shots of the activities taking place so they are not missed. Watch out for these folks, they could be high on a hill or low on the ground waiting to get their perfect picture.

Wash and Wear

Responsible for the overall operation of the washroom and shower facilities.