Dan MacDonald, Long Time Volunteer - Stan Rogers Folk Festival - Canso, Nova Scotia, Canada

Dan MacDonald, Long Time Volunteer

For me the memories of StanFest goes back to year one, listening to John Allan Cameron, Grit Laskin, Paul Mills and others telling “Stan” stories. For all but that first year I have been a stage volunteer, working with the numerous acts and helping to make thing happen. What memories! Don MacLean starting American Pie and thousands joining in; Garnet Rogers getting a wonderful reception his first time on main stage; Scotland’s Shooglenifty break-dancing to Cape Breton fiddle tunes; Raylene Rankin hitting the high notes; Mongolian throat-singers trading vocal licks with Mike Stevens and Raymond McLain; 9-year-old Hunter Hayes standing on a green-room table and playing accordion during a daytime rainstorm; Michelle Wright gracefully signing autographs and kindly posing for pictures; an old rocker having a last toke before hitting the stage; Emi Sunshine, the little girl with the big voice. And I could keep going and going! Go there, experience it for yourself and bring your own memories home with you!