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Campground Information

Finding a place to stay in Canso and Area on festival weekend is an adventure in itself. Our community’s population more than quadruples for the duration of the festival. With very limited fixed-roof accommodations, we are largely a camping festival. The festival organizers and local citizens/entrepreneurs operate over 1,000 temporary campsites.

If you are unable to camp. please contact the festival staff team at to seek suggestions for alternatives. We try to always find a solution.

Camping and Ticket sales

Get your tickets and camping.

Hours of Operation

All campgrounds are open at 12 noon Thursday and close 12 noon on Monday. Early bird arrivals will be accommodated on Thursday, by request only, prior to arrival. There is an additional charge of $23 tax included for Thursday night. Arrangements can be made by calling our toll-free number 1-888-554-7826. Thursday evening MUST be paid for before arriving on-site. Wednesday night camping is FREE but also must be pre-arranged. 

Camping Details

There are numerous camping options available. Speaking to our staff will help you to chose the best option for you. Some are lively, some are quiet, some just for family etc.

Campground Registration Form

All campers must register their sites and guests prior to arrival.

Campground Cancellation Policy

Full refund before July 1st.

NO REFUNDS after July 1st for any reason other than choosing to volunteer.


All campgrounds provide potable water, outdoor privies and security personnel.

Showers are available on site.

Shuttle service is available for campers needing assistance transporting camping gear from the parking area to the campsite.

Rules And Regulations

(These apply to Acoustic Campground only – i.e. only on-site festival campsites)

  • You must present your campground card (enclosed) upon arrival at the campground registration building.
  • Only one tent or RV permitted per site, with four adults or two adult and children.
  • Visitors permitted from 8:00 am to 6:00 PM only LIMITED TO FESTIVAL PATRONS ONLY; access to the campground after these hours is limited to those wearing Acoustic Campground wristbands only.
  • Noise levels to be kept to a minimum from the hours of 2:00 am to 8:00 am.
  • Parking is limited to designated areas.
  • Please be aware, if you are camping in AREA 5 OR 6, these are RECREATIONAL BALLFIELDS. To keep our youth safe, please use plastic instead of glass, where possible, and dispose of ALL GARBAGE!
  • No glass beverage containers; plastic cups available at the information tent.
  • Absolutely NO alcoholic beverages to be taken on the Festival site as stated by NS Liquor Laws and will be reinforced by the RCMP and Security.
  • Patrons will be allowed to bring water, juice, pop, juice boxes and basically any non-alcohol beverages through the main and campground gates. If the bottle/can is open, security will check it. If there is a suspicion of alcohol, the drink will need to be poured out or left behind.
  • Travel mugs, sports bottles and any beverage container of this nature are now permitted on the main site. They should be un-opened. Security has the right to check any opened beverage container for contents.
  • Underage drinking will not be tolerated; RCMP will be charging offenders.
  • Absolutely NO profanity.
  • The Festival is not responsible for lost or stole articles.
  • No pets permitted in the campgrounds.
  • All TENTS must meet the flammability performance requirements as regulated by the Consumer Product Safety Act and enforced through the Fire Marshall’s Office and must be labeled as such. Items such as portable carports are legislated as non-inhabitable and cannot be used as shelter for sleeping or cooking.
  • Deposit any litter and recyclables in their appropriate containers.
  • Campfires and charcoal barbecues are not permitted.
  • Radios and tape machines etc. are prohibited at this camping site.
  • The use of generators will NOT be permitted between the hours of 11:00 PM & 8:00 am, except for medical reason. Please let the office know this is a requirement.
  • Anyone caught with firecrackers will be escorted off the Festival site and not permitted to return.
  • Absolutely no Chinese Lanterns permitted on-site. These are a fire hazard!
  • Please keep high back chairs in the designated areas. Those placed in the low chair areas will be asked to move. This allows everyone clear viewing of the shows. Signage will be posted.
  • No refunds after July 1st for any reason.

Download pdf version of the rules & regulations.

Please Note:

This is a temporary campground. No electricity is provided. Potable water will be available. Note also that potable water is intended for cooking and cleaning purposes and campers should plan to bring or purchase drinking water.

The festival committee and/or the campground operators have the right to evict, without prior notice, anyone who creates a disturbance or nuisance or deliberately breaks any of the above rules. No refunds will be made in the event of such an eviction.


Acoustic Campground (Weekend Pass holders Only)
Operator: Stan Rogers Folk Festival

Tent and RV sites are available. Areas 2, 4 and 7 are for RV’s only. The remaining areas are for tenting. Please have several choices in mind when you call to book.

Stanfest 2014 Acoustic Campground Map

Please click on the following links to view each area of the Acoustic Campground.

Area 1

Area 2

Area 3

Area 4

Area 5

Area 6

Area 7

Area 8

Please call the office, toll-free, to reserve your sites and tickets at 1-888-554-7826!

Canso Marina

Operator: Donnie Millen
Manager: Helen Smith

Located at the Cape Canso Marina in Canso, it is a spacious campground with a gravel base. The marina is privately owned and operated and accommodates 57 trailer sites.

To make bookings contact (902) 759-2942 or email Helen at

Seabreeze Campground

Operator: Anne Marie Rhynold

Located in Fox Island, just a few kilometers outside of Canso, this well equipped campground has a variety of trailer and tent sites, both serviced and un-serviced as well as four housekeeping cottages. Range of services available including washrooms, showers, fire pits, store, ice and firewood.

To book a site, call (902) 366-2352.