Food Court Participation - Stan Rogers | Stanfest

Thank you for your interest in the Food Court section of the Stan Rogers Folk Festival.

Please find below a list of guidelines and a participant application form. If selected, you will be one of several concessionaires on site with access to 10,000 + visitor’s during the festival weekend. We hope you will see the festival as a positive and profitable opportunity for your business.

Food Court Applicants must complete an application either online or via email. Upon acceptance, the registration fee, in the amount of $550 + $82.50 HST =$632.50 will be invoiced. A non-refundable deposit of $200.00 MUST be paid by May 31st, 2024. Fee must be paid in full prior to your arrival on-site.

Further information on the festival may be obtained by phoning our festival office, toll-free at 1-888-554-7826.


Wanda O’Handley
General Manager

Stan Rogers Folk Festival
P.O. Box 46, 104 Queen Street Extension
Canso, Nova Scotia, B0H 1H0

Ph: (902) 366-2399 / (888) 554-7826
Fax: (902) 366-2978

July 25th, 26th, 27th, 28th, 2024

FREE camping on Wednesday!
Ask for details!

Guidelines for Food Court Participants Stan Rogers Folk Festival

Thank you for your interest in the Stan Rogers Folk Festival. We are featuring more than 30 performers and groups from across North America, in an International Songwriters Festival honoring the late Canadian folk artist Stan Rogers. We are anticipating an audience base of more than 10,000 visitors daily during the festival weekend.

We welcome creative ethnic, maritime, vegetarian, traditional cuisine as well as international oriented concessions. Our goal is to provide variety and satisfaction to the festival audience by providing them with a wide selection of hot food entrees, portable food and beverage options.

Some things to consider upon acceptance

Applicants must be licensed by the Nova Scotia Department of Agriculture. You can do this by contacting Michelle MacLeod, Public Health Officer with Nova Scotia Environment and Climate Change, Cell: (902) 631-4048; Office: (902) 625-0791; Email:

Concessions must be self-contained and take care of all their own requirements including refrigeration and storage. Pepsi does provide a limited number of refrigerators for concessions selling Pepsi products. They must be purchased from Pepsi. If you are not selling Pepsi Products you must supply your own refrigeration.

Fire safety regulations

The festival strictly adheres to the fire code for Nova Scotia special events. Concessionaires are required to have in their booth an appropriate fire extinguisher that has a current rating. In most cases, a 40lb ABC is required. You must be able to confirm this on your own behalf.

In Nova Scotia, propane deep fryers are not permitted at a special event – temporary concession booth. No propane- burning appliance can be operated within an enclosed structure.

Traffic to and from the concession area is confined to the period prior to the gates opening. Please factor this into your planning. The concession area is approximately 1000 feet from the main gate. It is suggested that concessionaires bring trolleys for deliveries during festival hours.

Please book your camping through the festival office and indicate you are a food court participant and you will be booked in a designated area.

Access to the site

Vehicle access to the Canso Sport Complex is limited to non-performance periods. Hours of access will be prior to noon and after midnight Saturday and Sunday. On Thursday and Friday, access to the site will be provided until 5:00pm

Festival Passes & Accommodations

Each participant will be issued four festival weekend passes and festival camping. Camping must be booked in advance (prior to June 1st) through the festival office at 1-888-554-7826. Let us know you will be booking for the Food Court camping section.

Hours of Operation and Fees

Participants are asked to staff their Food Court booth on Friday from 5:00pm until the end of the main stage show (approx midnight), on Saturday and Sunday from 11:00 am until the end of the main stage show. (approx midnight). Join us for another Thursday night Main Stage event at Stanfest 2024! Vendors, seize the opportunity to open your booth for an extra day of selling. Don’t miss out! Participants are requested to provide a registration fee of $550 + $82.50 HST =$632.50, payable to the Stan Rogers Folk Festival. A non-refundable deposit of $200.00 MUST be paid by May 31st, 2024. Fee must be paid in full prior to your arrival on-site. Any fees not paid or arrangements made by the due date, will result in the cancellation of the booth.

Booth Location

Each participant will be housed in an individual booth located at the Canso Sports Complex. The Food Court is area accessible to festival visitors, but separate from the mainstage and the workshop tents.

Rules and Regulations

  • All booths must be cleaned and emptied by MONDAY evening.
  • Please store all your supplies within your booth
  • Do not leave your booth unattended during business hours
  • Do not sell anything other than what the festival has approved within your application
  • Provide your own trash cans/bins for recyclables and garbage
  • Provide your own bags for recyclables and garbage
  • Please keep your area clean inside and out
  • Do not use loud speakers or sound system to advertise the sale of your product. Except with permission from the concession crew.
  • Do not set up display racks or tables outside your booth to increase selling capacity.
  • Provide your own change as the Festival Finance office will not supply change.
  • All Food Court personnel will be responsible for collectively hiring security to watch their booth at night. The norm is to share the cost of one security guard/watchman.

The Festival will provide

Electrical power source consisting of 5 outlets and additional outlets will be provided at an additional cost. Applicants must detail exact electrical requirements. If you are using appliances that require special power provisions, the festival can provide these and pass on the cost to you (e.g. electrician and materials) No additional equipment may be added during the weekend that hasn’t been pre-arranged. Surprises will not be accommodated. A source of Municipal quality running water is provided to each booth.

To apply, submit an application other requested information by deadline, April 7th, 2023. For additional information please contact Wanda at 1-888-554-7826 or via email at