The Hello Crows - Stan Rogers Folk Festival - Canso, Nova Scotia, Canada

The Hello Crows


Lessons from the past, anthems for the present, and hope in the future where truth is realized— that clear-sightedness combined with cautious optimism says a lot about what The Hello Crows are hoping to accomplish. They are not only a group of highly talented Wabanaki songwriters and storytellers, but together they stand as a collective voice representing both their people and generation simultaneously.

With The Hello Crows, the aim is to educate audiences about their beautiful culture, history, and the positive things happening within their communities, while honestly sharing the social obstacles in place today. Within the group, we not only learn of the indigenous cultures, values, and traditions but also gain the perspectives of indigenous women and the LQBTQIA2+ communities, making The Hello Crows one of the most important acts working in Canada right now.

Celebrate the spirit of healing, humour, and fortitude with The Hello Crows and their journey of putting the modern Indigenous experience and landscape to story and song.