It’s official. We have publishing a commemorative book to celebrate our 25th anniversary. It is 300 pages, jam packed with nearly 1,400 pictures and countless stories. While COVID is keeping us apart, we know this book will bring our Stanfest family back together.

Here is what people are saying:

“And they wave to a town that is dying”… so wrote Stan Rogers in 1981 in one of his favourite pieces, Free in the Harbour. This remarkable book brings you a first-hand insight into the monumental task assumed by a town that dared to wave back. While attending the 1996 East Coast Music Awards on Prince Edward Island, a committee of local folks asked me for permission to name a festival after Stan. It didn’t take long to understand the depth of their proposal and what it would mean on so many levels. It has become a world-class festival of singer-songwriters, including our own home-grown talent and I am thrilled anew every year to see and hear the power of song!  _ Ariel Rogers

“Stanfest has been a launchpad for many of our most established artists. Matt Andersen, Charlie A’Court, Irish Mythen, Dave Gunning and so many more got their start there and have gone on to play the biggest stages worldwide. This book traces the arc of this amazing festival by sharing Canso’s story, the story of a thousand citizens achieving the impossible, the stories of over 800 artists who have performed over the years. This is an inspiring, soul-lifting tale that is an essential read for fans of East Coast music.” – Andy MacLean, CEO, ECMA

Order Now or Pick Up From an Outlet

We have printed a limited quantity to start, so don’t delay. In addition to online sales, books are available from a growing network of outlets, including:

  1. Canso Co-op
  2. Canso Pharmacy
  3. Guysborough Pharmacy
  4. Antigonish 5 to $1
  5. Fulmore’s PharmaChoice (Pictou)
  6. the deCoste Performing Arts Centre
  7. Mabel Murples Book Shoppe & Dreamery
  8. The Marigold Theatre (Truro)
  9. The Curiosity Shop (Cape Breton)
  10. Celtic Sisters (Auld’s Cove)
  11. Sherbooke Village Gift Shop
  12. Jennifer’s of Nova Scotia (Halifax)
  13. Coles – Halifax Shopping Centre
  14. Chapters – Bayers Lake
  15. Coles – Sunnyside Mall (Bedford)
  16. Chapters – Mic Mac Mall
  17. Coles – Truro
  18. Coles – New Glasgow

300 page books are heavy, so mailing is $20+. Pick up a copy in person if you are able.