Kellie Loder



There is something truly extraordinary about Juno Award–nominee Kellie Loder. It’s there in her immensely poignant lyrics, which are set against dazzling, melodic folk/pop. And it’s there in the singer/songwriter’s electrifying live shows which simultaneously inspire profound emotion in listeners while cracking them up with sparkling anecdotes.

If Loder isn’t breaking your heart, she’s splitting your sides. Those contrasting yet somehow complementary sensibilities doubtless stem from Loder’s native Newfoundland and Labrador, a rugged and remote place steeped in storytelling tradition and where comedy and tragedy are twin markers for successfully navigating life, a point documented by legions of legendary artists from the region.

Despite her love of performing — at which she is exceptionally gifted, gliding effortlessly between keyboard and guitar while enthralling audiences with those priceless, above-mentioned anecdotes — Loder admits, “I really, really want to be a songwriter who is sought-after, someone people line up for months to write with. That’s the ultimate goal.”

Kellie has had a brilliant start to 2022, with a break-out year at the Fredericton based East Coast Music Awards and a 2nd place finish on the recently wrapped season of Canada ‘s Got Talent.