Joe H. Henry - Stan Rogers Folk Festival - Canso, Nova Scotia, Canada

Joe H. Henry


With a voice as powerful as a wayward freight train, singer-songwriter Joe H Henry bellows the flames of gritty roots with a whole lot of soul.

The son of award-winning Canadian country musician Harvey Henry, Joe was born to sing. Gifted with a one-of-a-kind voice and a love for story telling through song, drawing from his musical roots and Metis heritage of the Red River Valley.

Joe’s younger years were spent riding freight trains from town to town with nothing but a faithful dog and a guitar, collecting life lessons and harnessing the flame of inspiration that was often masked in struggle.

Eventually settling down on a homestead in the wilds of North Mountain, Nova Scotia with his wife and five children in 2020, Joe is now ready to wholeheartedly share his talent with the world and will release his debut EP, Wilder on the Mountain in Summer 2023.