Joachim Cooder - Stan Rogers Folk Festival - Canso, Nova Scotia, Canada

Joachim Cooder



Joachim Cooder grew up surrounded by music alongside his father, legendary guitarist Ry Cooder who took him on the road at an early age on the drums, playing both live and in the studio. These touring and recording projects allowed him to share stages and recordings with Johnny Cash, Ali Farka Touré, V. M. Bhatt, Steve Earle, John Lee Hooker, Dr. John, Nick Lowe, and most notably the award-winning project The Buena Vista Social Club.

Joachim discovered the joys of playing an electric mbira through a small amp, and the sound that emanated was inspired by the world music that always captivated him, “I’m always hearing some sort of defunct cosmic ice cream truck in my head – that’s the sound I’m after with my mbiras and tank drums and other tuned percussion.”

In 2020 Nonesuch Records released Over That Road I’m Bound, the songs of Uncle Dave Macon and Joachim’s unique and celebrated re-imagining of these early country songs and earning Joachim #1 Most Added at Americana, and a Top 10 Album & Single (US & UK). Here in 2023, the new album is being wrapped up for a February 2024 release.